Shopify payment methods - Adria region

Adds both NestPay and caSys - cPay payment methods to your Shopify store

*** Custom app that extends manual payment method! ***

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NestPay NestPay
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*** re-install of the app (even with a new access token) will not cause any data loss. If will just update app-to-shop connection paramaters.

Ukoliko ste iz Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Crne Gore ili Makedonije, ako ste osnovali firmu u prethodna 3 meseca i jedini ste osnivač možete zahtevati da Vam HOLEST ENGINEERING izda licencu besplatno za jednu godinu. Ukoliko je osnivač ženskog pola plugin se izdaje besplatno na 2 godine. Nepohodno je da na prosledite:

- sken/fotografiju rešenja o osnivanju nadležnog registra (moraju biti vidljivi datum osnivanja i ime osnivača)

- forwardujete mail u kome Vam banka/payment provider izdaje test parametre

Supported payment methods:

  • 1 NestPay: Serbia (Intesa, Kombank, AIK), BiH (Sparkasse), Croatia (Sparkasse), Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, North Macedonia (Halkbank), Romania, Serbia(Kosovo - TEB), Slovenia (NLB), Montenegro, Turkey
  • 2 cPay: North Macedonia (caSys)

The App has a trial period of 15 days. After that is will just stop functioning if you don't buy the license.
To buy a yearly license you must contact Holest Engineering ( directly for the payment instructions, the App unlock, and the invoice.
Upon license expiration (year of use ends) you will be notified Holest Enginireeng to renew the license


This is not the official Shopify Payment Method. It is just "Serve for purpose" emulation done by extending the manual method (no Shopify fee) ). It requires that you create one more instance of 'Manual' method with the special naming convention (instructions given in the App admin page).
For the purpose of small business development in the Adriatic region, Holest Engineering tried to make deals to enable official Shopify support of local payment options. You will find this App useful as its certainly the cheapest per-transaction costs option for small businesses in the Adriatic region.

Cost of this App use is 120EUR/year

Belgarde, Serbia